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Spend Some Fascinating Time in Chengdu, China

September 15, 2017
Chengdu is one of the more populous cities in Western China and it serves as the capital of the Sichuan province.  This city is surrounded by mountains of different elevations and the area to the west has a prominent giant panda habitat.  There are four seasons in this city and they have a lot of rain during the warmer months.  

Here are 5 things to do while spending time in Chengdu:

1. Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

China is the country with the most giant pandas, so no one will want to miss a chance to see as many as possible while they are there.  This research base allows people to see these creatures up close in their natural habitat.  The facility was opened in 1987 with six giant pandas and they now have more than eighty of them.  A tour of the facility also includes the museum.  

2. The Chengdu Wuhou Shrine

This is one of the oldest temples in Chengdu and it was built to honor Zhuge Liang back in 302 A.D.  The temple was rebuilt in 1672 and features a large figure of Zhuge Liang as well as smaller figures of his son and grandson next to him.  

3. The Wenshu Monastery

This complex stands on twelve acres of land and it is comprised of five temples that are built from wood and stone.  The highlights of the monastery include the Hall of Shuofa Tang and the one hundred plus statues of Buddhas and Buddhist saints.  There are many cultural relics at this site too, including paintings and calligraphy.  

4. Du Fu Thatched Cottage

This thatched cottage is dedicated to one of the best-known poets of China.  It is a replica of the house that Du Fu lived in between 759 and 763 A.D. and where he wrote more than 250 poems.  The cottage is on the Huanhuaxi River and is surrounded by gardens, pavilions, bridges, and pathways.  

5. The Yongling Mausoleum

This is also called the Eternal Mausoleum and it is where people can pay their respects at the well-preserved tomb of Wang Jian.  He was the ruler of the Early Shu Empire and he died back in 918 A.D.  This mausoleum has fourteen archways and has been divided into three chambers.  

Chengdu is a fascinating city to visit and explore, and while it is a large city, it does portray a feeling of the countryside with the mountains in the background.  There are many places to visit and see while here, but many people state that their favorite things to do include visiting with the giant pandas.