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What to See While Visiting Korea

June 23, 2017
Korea is a country in East Asia, but since 1945 it has been divided into two different sovereign states. The two areas are now called North Korea and South Korea and the majority of the people live in South Korea.

Here are the best places to visit while in Korea:

1. Seongsan Sunrise Peak

Seongsan Sunrise Peak was formed more than five thousand years ago by a hydrovolcanic eruption. This volcanic crater is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the best time to visit this area is in the early morning hours, so that the sun can be seen as it is rising over it.

2. Ggotji Beach

This creamy sandy beach is only four kilometers from Anmyeon-eup and the best time of the day to visit here is in the evening when the sun is setting. The reason for that is that the sun sets directly between two rock formations. These rock formations are known as Granny Rock and Grandpa Rock and according to the legend, the wife of a commanding officer in the Shilla Dynasty turned into the Granny Rock after she died waiting for her husband’s return.

3. Gwang-An Bridge

This bridge is also known as the Diamond Bridge and at two stories high, it connects Suyeong-gu and Haeundae-go. Anyone driving over the bridge will be able to see magnificent views of the mountains, beaches, hills, and the glowing city at night. The exterior lights create 100,000 colors when they are lit, and even though pedestrians are not allowed on the bridge, they can still see some amazing sights of it from the distance.

4. Upo Marsh

This wetland area was formed more than 140 million years ago and more than 1,500 plants and animals call the wetlands their home. People can walk or bike around the swamp area while watching for the wildlife that lives there as well as the birds that fly low as they are migrating.

5. Gongryong Ridge on Seorak Mountain

The Gongryong Ridge looks like the spine of a dinosaur, which is where it got its nickname Dinosaur Ridge. The ridge is 1,200 feet high, so it is not an easy hike and climb to the top, but the views are fabulous and make the entire journey worthwhile.

Korea is not a place that millions of people visit every year, but that is a shame, because the scenery in the country is wonderful and there is so much that people can learn while they are there. Of course, people need to be cautious when traveling there, but not too much more than they would need to be when traveling anywhere else in the world.